Save Better Off Ted!

We can't lose such a magniflorious show!

We are now accepting donations through Paypal, which we will use to buy custom keychains with the logo: "Veridian dynamics. Wednesdays. Better." We will then send these keychains to Stephen McPherson(President of ABC). This is very similar to the method used by the fans of "Friday Night Lights". After raising enough funds, they sent 500 mini footballs to the president of NBC, as well as DVD's of the show to troops overseas. We can do this! Our goal is now $300.00, which will be enough for 500 keychains! We will be updating our tally throughout the days, once we begin to receive the donations!

Just go to, create an account, and send the donations to

We need to prove we want it on Wednesdays!
This Wednesday, 1/13/10, in between The Middle minimum deposit iq option and Modern family in your respective timezone, go to and WATCH BETTER OFF TED! This will show them that we want to watch Better Off ted at that time! (Also it won't hurt to be watching them often up to that time and after either), Also there is now a facebook event for this time! RSVP to let us get an idea of how many people we have!

Keep Checking back for updates as we will be keeping track of how many signatures we get and adding other ways to get the word out!

SIGN THE PETITION  (3500 signatures and counting!)

Join the Facebook group!

Use the Twitter Hashtags #betteroffted and #veridiandynamics, to promote the campaign on Twitter!

Thank you everyone! We have now been featured on TV squad, and that article has been linked on the front page of AOL, as well as picked up by blogs all throughout the country! Keep the momentum going and someone has to notice!

Anybody who is here is because they love the show Better Off Ted. It is clear that ABC has no confidence left in this show, so we need to do something. As of right now, the best idea that I have that will be cheap and easy for every fan to do is to send one or two (or 10 or 100) letters to ABC President Stephen McPherson, address below. The idea is to contain the image at the top of this page, (also available in Hi Res), so that they get the idea to move it to Wednesdays and know people care about this show.

I feel the best way to do this is to do it very simply, and make it clear.

Stephen McPherson,
President, ABC Entertainment
ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

Anne Sweeney
President, ABC Television Network
Disney Media Networks Division
500 South Buena Vista Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91521

(thanks to 'Ted fan')

Also we can go to ABC's contact page and just E-mail this phrase:

Wednesdays. Better.
  (Click for Hi Res)

These images are now available just to copy and paste at the top and bottom of this page also (SPECIAL THANKS TO LUKE R. of LOVEPORTIA.ORG)

I feel the slogan is solid, as it suggests an idea and is one they can attempt without producing new episodes yet since they can run reruns and most viewers will think they are new (and we know that repeat viewings are never bad).

There is also the idea of sending in coffee creamer (Thanks Joan!), which may get more notice than a Veridian logo, but will cost more, so feel free to do this as well, but maybe also slip in the logo.

Another idea, that may be more difficult without one target, is to film yourself buying products advertised during the airing of the show and send the video to the advertisers and the network. Again, we just need to find out who the most prominent sponsor is for the show.

Everyone please keep posting about this site on whatever TV sites or blogs you read, and try to get as much attention as possible!

Please everyone tell your friends to try and save this show and I will try all I can to get this website out there and make ABC aware of it. Although the fact this domain was available might not bode well.

If anyone has any better ideas or wants to help with the site or with promotion or anything please feel free to e-mail me with your ideas.

Please everyone try and do what you can and always remember...

"Can you really ever be too intimidating? CAN YOU? CAN YOU? TELL ME YOU LITTLE BEANCOUNTER!"


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